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Buyer FAQ


How does it work?

It’s really simple. When you use Realty Broker Direct as your Buyer Broker to buy, you’ll earn a cash rebate equal to 10% to 30% (depending on sale price) of the agent’s commission paid by the seller based on the sale price. The money is yours, apply it towards closing costs,  or take the cash outright! It’s your option.

Why do you offer a rebate? 
We offer rebates to attract business.  While other brokers pay 3rd party referral companies and relocation companies fees for leads, we prefer to go right to the consumer.   Consumers have a many choices in real estate representation.  We believe that we offer the best choice.   Instead of paying 3rd party companies, we pay the consumer directly for their business.  We get more business, the consumer saves money.  But more importantly, we offer expert Buyer Broker representation. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Is the rebate legal?
Yes, it is completely legal in Pennsylvania where we practice.
Can we use our  rebate for closing costs? 
Yes, most mortgage lenders will approve.  Ask your lender if they allow commission rebates when you apply for a mortgage pre-approval.  We require a mortgage pre-approval BEFORE we show you any properties.

How is the amount of the rebate calculated?  
For a simple calculation the rebate will be 20% of the buyer agent share of the commission collected by Realty Broker Direct.  It doesn't just sound to good to be true, IT IS TRUE!  i.e. sale price $500,000 x 3% buyer broker fee x 20% = $3000.00 rebate to the buyer!   There is a minimum net Broker fee of $3750.00 for all transactions.

Who pays the Buyer Broker commission fee? 
At Realty Broker Direct we collect our fee from the sellers listing broker or sometimes direct from the seller.  Unlike many brokers we don't charge our buyers any additional service fees.   But in reality the buyer is indirectly paying the broker fee through the purchase transaction.  Consider this, if there wasn't a buyer for the property there wouldn't be a sale, and there wouldn't be sale proceeds to pay the broker.   Therefore, the buyers purchase offer provides the funds to pay the broker fee.  This is an accepted reality within the real estate community, though rarely discussed in public forums. 
Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker
Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker
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