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How do Realtor Commission Rebates work? Commission rebates to buyers are legal in most States including Pennsylvania.  The rebate comes from the seller paid commission offered to buyer brokers who procure the buyer for a sale.  Not all real estate brokerages will offer a buyer a commission rebate.  Some brokerages may forbid their agents from offering a rebate.  Fortunately when you own your own real estate brokerage and are not governed by franchise agreements you can set your own rules.  We happily offer buyer rebates for buyers we choose to represent.

 Get up to a $25,000 Realtor Rebate!  Simply refer yourself to Realty Broker Direct.

Realtors often pay other Realtors and lead generating companies a referral fee for buyer leads.  You may see some of these companies advertise on TV or online but they don't tell you how they are compensated.  Why let someone sell your personal information for their profit?  We prefer to pay buyers directly for referring themselves.   We offer qualified buyer-clients a closing cost credit/rebate of up to $25,000 based on the commission we receive from their purchase.  The bottom line is that Realty Broker Direct - McGuinn Realtors helps to lower the costs to buying a home.  It's a Win-Win with McGuinn!

Unlike many brokerages Realty Broker Direct will never charge a buyer-client additional  fees.  Our compensation is paid by the seller via the listing broker's offered buyer-broker commission in the multiple listing service (MLS).

Our buyer brokerage fee is 2% of the sale price.  The typical commission offered by listing brokers via the MLS system is 2.5% to 3% of the sale price.  We rebate to the buyer the amount we receive over 2% of the sale price.  For sales above $500,000 we guarantee a 1% of sale price rebate.  A rebate may require mortgage lender approval.

What are the qualifications for a rebate?  If you are pre-qualified for a mortgage or have cash to purchase you qualify for a rebate!  The minimum qualified sale price for a rebate is $250,000.  A signed buyer agency contract agreement is required.

Hire a Professional.
You don't have to sacrifice expertise for savings.  Just because we share our commissions with home buyers doesn’t mean they have to settle for less.  We offer over 50 years of experience.  We provide home buyers with a complete expert home buyer representation.  We are a locally owned family business founded in 2010 and not a franchise.  Don’t risk your purchase to an inexperienced or part-time agent/Realtor

As members of the Bright MLS and Paragon MLS we service the Philadelphia  County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County and South jersey Shore markets.

Bottom line is that Realty Broker Direct - McGuinn Realtors helps to lower the cost to buy a home.

Check out this great video on how to prepare to buy a home

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